17. I have been taking singing lessons once a week for two years.

Although I have learnt piano and trumpet from several teachers, lessons from Herr Stach are very unique and different from others.

His singing lesson is a full body work and requires much physical and facial exercise, which we do not usually do in daily life.
One lesson begins with „Vaccai“ along with facial exercise by walking, for example. It is also exciting and amazing to sing to his grand piano accompaniment...more
At first I hesitated to try funny facial and physical exercise. But of course every movement has its reason and improves singing.
He explains how such exercise or movement influence on my breathing and singing.
His way of teaching is unique and sometimes experimental. But I trust that it develops my skills and I just try them happily.
Then it works in fact like a magic when I can make it what he tells.

Very importantly he is able to describe precisely how to perform and how to express nuance and feelings by singing in a way that I can understand and realize as an amateur singer.

He thinks not only each lesson but also potential development, which really encourages and motivates me.
His lesson is fun, inspiring and creative. I appreciate his dedicated, passionate and well considered way of teaching.
I am very happy to have met him as a teacher and a person. He is a wonderful person as well as a teacher.

This summer an opportunity was given to me to make a performance in front of people in a chapel. I was of course nervous before the performance although I tried my best to prepare for the event. Thanks to his patient lessons and encouragement, I was able to sing two songs without having any black out.
While singing, I truly enjoyed every moment and felt so excited.
I cannot thank him enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity after continuous patient lessons.
After this event, I am more keen to make step forwards in order to be able to perform better.
I can absolutely recommend his lessons if you have an interest to give it a try. It is well worth making the first step.
You will experience and enjoy much development on your face, body, voice, posture in addition to singing capability.
Lessons offer you more than what you could expect. Last not but least, by taking his lessons as a side effect, my stiff shoulder was solved.

Thank you very much for your fun and dedicated lessons. I am already excited to come to the next lesson as alway.

J. T. 37 J., Japan

Gesang/ Stimmtraining/ Tanz/ Klavier, in der Akadamie war sie ca. 3 Jahre. Text zur Verfügung gestellt am 22. 10.2015


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